Cat Killer May Have Had Assistance • Posh Spice Shirt Sends Man To Jail

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Florida authorities are trying to determine whether Tyler Weinman, the teen accused of killing 19 cats, had accomplices. •


From the Department of Questionable Comparisons, AdAge blogger Tom Martin writes that an ad agency advising clients on digital media and social networking when it's not Web-savvy "is like a virgin showing a hooker the ropes." • Reuters has a video of thousands of women protesting against sex selective abortion in India; in some areas of the country, as many as 2,000 female fetuses are aborted per day. • Did HuffPo really have to compare Fox Business and CNBC based on the hotness of their female reporters? And did they have to make the same joke about "hard-hitting" journalism twice in one slideshow? • Despite Apple's stringent anti-porn policy, for a limited time you might be able to download pictures of "Sexy Asian Girls" and "Young Racing Queens." Great. • The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer has challenged Susan G. Komen for the Cure "to debate the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link with us at the next Catholic Health Association (CHA) meeting or another venue," despite the fact that no such link exists. • A study says teen girls with breast lumps should be initially tested with ultrasound rather than an invasive biopsy, because their risk of breast cancer is so low. • The percentage of childless women in Britain has doubled since the 1990s, in part because more women are pursuing careers and forgoing marriage, choices the Telegraph calls a "modern lifestyle." • Perhaps unsurprisingly, our brains process a person's gaze differently depending on whether we think they can actually see. • An American artist's portrait of Neda Agha Soltan drew hundreds of comments and e-mails from Iranians. • A study of the sexual habits of women over 45 found that sexual inactivity was more often due to the physical problems or lack of interest of a partner than to any physical problems in the women. Also, Latinas reported more sexual satisfaction than white women. • Researchers found that male seed beetles with "low genetic quality" were actually more successful at fertilizing eggs. We're sure somebody will try to connect this to human behavior, and that the connection will be ludicrous. • Shockingly, people behave badly on eBay: a seller is suing a Nevada woman for erroneously claiming that he sold her a fake Gucci bag. • A Dubai man has been jailed for a month — and will be deported to his native Lebanon — for wearing a T-shirt depicting a naked Victoria Beckham. •



Unmarried and childless is modern? I have a Greek friend who would disagree...

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