Cat Killer "Likely To Graduate To Adult Crimes" • Obama Tacitly Supports Transgender Rights

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Newsweek has a morbidly fascinating article on accused cat killer Tyler Weinman in which a clinical social worker who does not treat Weinman discusses the possibility that violence against animals may signal future violent behavior against people. •

• A study of 47 "sending" and 47 "non-sending" Mexican wives found that those whose husbands immigrate to the U.S. for work (the "sending" group) have poorer mental health than the woman with spouses who work nearby. • An agreement signed by the Humane Society of the United States and the Agriculture Department will require animal research facilities to disclose annual reports, which must include "pain and distress information" about the furry test subjects. • Before Lori Drew's acquittal today, Democratic Representative Linda Sanchez had issued a statement in support of the prosecutors in the case. "What Lori Drew did was egregious, and it is time that she be brought to justice," she said. In April, Sanchez introduced the nation's first federal cyberbullying bill. • In a similar but unrelated case, a Los Angeles appeals court has ruled that internet servers like MySpace and FaceBook cannot be held responsible for minors that are sexually assaulted by people they meet on the website. • The Justice Department has let the deadline to appeal a case that awarded a transgender woman $500,000 for discrimination pass this Tuesday. In 2005, Diane Schroer lost a job at the Library of Congress because she disclosed her plans to transition into a woman. Under the Bush Administration, the Justice Department and the Library of Congress unsuccessfully fought the lawsuit, but Obama has decided to let the original ruling stand. • The New Scientist has revealed the most inspirational female scientist, as according to their readers. Madame Curie leads the list, with Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, and Rachel Carson coming in at numbers two, five, and nine. • A federal appeals court ruled today that a man falsely accused of rape cannot turn around and sue his accuser. "We certainly see this as a victory both for her and for all rape victims similarly situated," said attorney Sarah Prout. • What say you: Is this commercial for Evian featuring babies dancing on rollerskates cute or a little creepy? •

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Did anyone see a news story about a four-year-old kid in England who flushed a puppy down the toilet? The media tried to make it cute, like, "Aww, he thought puppy needed a bath!" But there was just something "off" about that — four-year-olds don't flush puppies down the toilet to wash them. Because of the link between harm done to animals and later violence to people, it just creeped me out. I feel sure that the "bath" story is a lie and the kid is going to have problems. Like this horrible cat-killer.