Cat Killer Jury Deadlocked • Hospital Worker Curses At Woman Getting A C-Section

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• The jurors deliberating on the case against Joe "Cat Killer" Petcka are still deadlocked after 1-1/2 days of deliberation. • A hearing about an English surgery assistant's "fitness to practice" reveals that he cursed at a woman in labor and said "Fucking hell, why can't women in this hospital give birth naturally?" • According to a study of 35 men, the antidepressant paroxetine (aka Paxil) can cause higher levels of sperm with damaged DNA, although it does not necessarily mean these men would have problems fathering a child. •• Governors of St. Monica's Roman Catholic High School in England have barred 12 and 13-year-old girls from receiving HPV vaccinations on school grounds. • The Torbay Council in Devon, England has lifted a 28-year-old X-rating on Monty Python's Life Of Brian (which barred it from being shown in movie theaters in the area) after residents voted it the "funniest film of all time" in an online poll. • A farmer in England marked his rams with blue dye so he could tell which ewe had had sex with a ram but a scuffle broke out within the rams and now the rams covered in blue dye. • We must have missed this back in March but Venus made a list of the "Greatest Female Guitarists of All Time" which included Lydia Lunch, Liz Phair, Chrissie Hynde. • After a man complained of a female surgeon's coarse language in Australia, former patients rallied around her in support, saying that she covers much of the surgical load at her hospital. • Dr. Laura is taking to the internet with a YouTube channel that will feature weekly video content. • According to a recent report, women who binge drink during the first three months of pregnancy are more likely than nondrinkers to give birth to a child with a cleft lip and cleft palate. • A probe by international gymnastics officials into the ages of gymnasts on China's 2008 Olympic team has been expanded to include gymnasts on China's 2000 Olympic team. The current minimum age for gymnasts in the Olympics is 16. •

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British Jezzies, quick question: Is it common practice to get immunized at your physical school building? I've never heard of the nurse's office doing more than passing out barf bags and band aids.