Cat and Lizard Defy the Varying Temperatures of Their Blood for Love

This cat and lizard seem close, maybe not sex-stuff close — more like best-friends-who-occasionally-get-drunk-and-propose-semi-seriously-to-each-other close. And, as weird as it looks to see a cat cuddling a very un-cuddly lizard, their bond makes a lot of sense because cats love to scratch their faces on stuff that feels like sandpaper and lizards have to regulate their body temperatures. It's simple symbiosis, at least according to my sixth-grade biology teacher, but he had a glass eye because he accidentally stuck a pencil in it so I've put very little stock into whatever I learned under his tutelage.



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Dr. Opossum

I don't wanting to seem prejudiced against hideous monster animals, but I will not have my cat associate with reptiles. Only mammal friends!