Cast of Broadway's Aladdin Performs Touching Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams brought so many wonderful, hilarious and often heartbreaking characters to life. But one of my favorites and probably yours is Genie is Disney's Aladdin.

On Tuesday night, the cast of the Broadway version led the audience in a sing-along of the song "Friend Like Me." It's hard to watch this video without bursting into tears. Via the Associated Press:

James Monroe Iglehart, who won a Tony Award as the Genie, led the crowd at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Tuesday in a rousing version of "Friend Like Me" after the curtain went down. The show's Playbills had been stuffed with the song's lyrics and everyone was encouraged to sing along.


The lights were also dimmed this evening (Wednesday) on Broadway in memory of the late actor and theater vet. Williams' comedy show Robin Williams: Live on Broadway debuted in 2002 and he recently performed a tiger ghost in 2011's Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.

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I may or may not have tearfully watched Aladdin the night the news broke. Like millions of others, I'm sure.