Cash Cab host Ben Bailey in 2006. Photo via AP Images.

Cash Cab, the trivia show that tantalized with the magnificent possibility you might get into a New York City cab late at night and discover an exciting televised surprise rather than a stranger’s vom, is returning to television.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter. Specifically it’s coming to Discovery, and “the new episodes will feature a twist: Stars from the worlds of comedy, film and TV will get behind the wheel of the cab itself as they pick up unsuspecting passengers.” The show previously ran from 2005-12 and racked up multiple Emmys; former host Ben Bailey will not be returning, however.

This is just the latest revived game show, THR notes:

Cash Cab is the latest game show to get rebooted in recent months. The Gong Show was recently revived at ABC, which also is home to Celebrity Family Feud, Match Game and $100,000 Pyramid. ABC also has been casting for a new iteration of Battle of the Network Stars. And Fox has a reboot of Love Connection with Andy Cohen set to debut in summer.

Truly, our cup runneth over.

Of course, if you’re drunk and/or tired enough to bite the bullet and pay for a late-night cab ride back home, you’re probably too drunk and/or tired to really nail a trivia game.