Casey Anthony Indicted For Murder Of Daughter Caylee

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Though Casey Anthony still claims innocence, a Florida grand jury has indicted the 22-year-old mom for the murder of her 3-year-old daughter, Caylee. Caylee's body remains missing after an exhaustive 4-month search, the AP reports, but even without the body, there was enough evidence against Casey to charge her with first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to investigators about Caylee's disappearance.For those unfamiliar with this chilling case, here's a recap: Caylee has been missing since early June, but her disappearance was not reported to police until July 15, and even then the call to authorities was made by Casey's mother. In addition, Casey's mother told police that it smelled like "a dead body in the damn car" that Casey was driving, and Casey borrowed a shovel from a neighbor in mid-June. Another young woman who is facing murder charges, Amanda "Foxy Knoxy" Knox, the American studying abroad in Perugia who was accused of stabbing her roommate Meredith Kercher to death, is looking more and more like the victim of an overzealous Italian prosecutor than a murderess. According to an extensive article in the November issue of Radar, when Amanda originally "confessed," it was after 14 hours of police intimidation in Italian, which she did not fully understand. In addition, the police have subsequently found the DNA of Rudy Guede, a "petty criminal who had a history of home invasions with a knife," all over the apartment. Knox has been excoriated in the Italian press, in no small part because prosecutor Giuliano Mignini has had it out for her from day one. "Lisa Pasko, a criminology professor at the University of Denver who specializes in young women who commit violent crimes, has been following the case and does not believe that Knox participated in Kercher's murder," Radar reports. "She likens Mignini's behavior to that of the very vocal prosecutor in the Duke rape case, former Durham County district attorney Mike Nifong, who improperly leaked information to the media in order to beef up his case against the accused lacrosse players." Though Knox has been in jail since Meredith Kercher was killed last year, it is still unclear whether or not she will have to stand trial for Kercher's death. Hearings began on the case last month, but according to Radar, the snail's pace of the Italian justice system means that Knox's fate will hang in the balance until the end of the month at the earliest. Mom Of Missing Girl Weeps After Murder Indictment [AP] The Accused [Radar] Earlier: Creepy Mom Casey Anthony Tried To Give Missing Caylee Up For Adoption True Crime


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Flowers For Algernon

And people are surprised that this woman killed her daughter? Who else did it but that family. The dad, mom, and daughter were all in on it. The daughter killed her by accident most likely. Told the parents, and they are all complicit in the cover up. Poor Caylee shes prob in a dump somewhere. While that family is ready to cash in on a lifetime movie, protect caylee law, and whatever merchandising they can get out of it.

They are sick.