Casey Anthony: Caylee Was the Product of Rape

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There's more today from the woman you probably never wanted to hear about again. A week after Casey Anthony's video diary was leaked under mysterious circumstances, she's getting a chance to share her side of the story again, via mental health evaluations conducted during her trial. The doctors' depositions paint Anthony as a mentally stable abuse survivor, but it's entirely possible that this is just evidence of the depths of her deception.


Following a request from the Orlando Sentinal, today a judge unsealed depositions from psychiatrists Dr. William Weitz and Dr. Jeffrey Danziger. At first Danziger was appointed by the court to evaluate Anthony for competency, but later the defense asked him and Weitz to evaluate her and act as witnesses for the defense. They were never called to the stand, but bits of what Anthony told them wound up in her attorney's opening and closing statements.

The biggest revelation to come out of the documents is that Anthony said Caylee was conceived when she was raped at a fall 2004 party (she used the term "date rape," but later she said she didn't know who raped her). Danziger wrote in his notes:

Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out. Don't remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant.

Weitz noted that Anthony, "never considered, once she was pregnant, having an abortion or having the baby put up for adoption. She wanted the child."

If that account seems somewhat fishy, Anthony has another. She also said she'd been sexually abused by her father, George, and believed he might be Caylee's father (DNA tests proved this wasn't true). She also said she was afraid that he'd sexually abuse Caylee, and told both doctors that her father woke her up and showed her the girl's wet, lifeless body. George Anthony's attorney issued this statement today:

As he [George] has repeatedly said prior to the trial, during the trial and after the trial he never molested any member of his family including Casey Anthony and he had nothing to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony.


Amazingly, both doctors found no signs that Anthony suffered from mental illness. Weitz made some effort to resolve her conflicting stories by attributing them to denial or suppression. Danziger noted that it was actually odd that Anthony was so calm and collected during psychological testing:

You would expect that would provoke some measure of distress, whether someone genuinely did it, whether someone was falsely accused ... If my child was missing and I was in jail being accused of it, I probably wouldn't eat and wouldn't be cheerful and wouldn't be able to read.


Defendants commonly lie to mental health experts to try to legitimize their story or allow their claims to be presented in court without having to testify, and Danziger was very concerned about being used in this way. He said he was "deeply troubled" about repeating Anthony's sex abuse allegations since they hadn't been proven by law enforcement. While the new information provides some insight into tactics used by the defense, their contents have to be taken with a heap of salt, as they're ultimately just stories from a woman desperate to be acquitted in her daughter's murder.

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This article, and the comments, just serve as a reminder to me that it's a damn good thing that I never reported being raped, because I could not go through this level of nastiness and judgmental BS from everyone. I don't know how many people here have been raped and had a child from it (or, in my case, two), but it seems like there are a lot of experts on how we're 'supposed' to act and feel. It seems that by being raped we're supposed to blindly accept that someone took away the life we want and therefore we have NO RIGHT to go to a party or ever try and keep up appearances in order to seem stronger and more together than we feel on the inside. We're supposed to just run off and get an abortion (even if we're so depressed that we think, in our PTSD-distorted way, that a baby will keep us from killing ourselves and give us something to live for, and regardless of our personal beliefs on abortion). We have to be 'perfect' or else everything we do will be thrown in our face. And the rapist? What consequences does he have?

I'm glad it's so fucking easy for all of you to believe that you'd never go to a party if you wanted to get your mind off of something bad, or that you'd just go get an abortion easy-peasy if you were raped ('why wouldn't you just?' someone glibly asked), and that people who you think have a mental illness deserve to be picked on because of it. Thanks for reminding me that it's not worth telling people that you've been raped unless you're a pretty, demure white girl that always seems to tell the truth and whose reaction to any situation is what you would have done.