The Today show had self-proclaimed "Casanova" Paul Janka and therapist Dr. Jennifer Schneider on for a second segment this morning to get to the root of Janka's womanizing problem. And while I don't agree with Dr. Schneider's idea that Janka is emotionally damaging the women he sleeps with by not entering into relationships with them (because seriously, those women should, and probably do, consider it a bullet dodged), he is totally hate-worthy for a host of other reasons. Take the fact that he describes his theory on dating as being "about the energy between two people." Barf. People who use the words "energy" and "vibe" that way are gross on principle. And Today co-host Natalie Morales seems to agree! At the very least, she wonders if there's some sort of emotional void Janka is trying to fill by sleeping with a lot of women, and says as much. Clip above.


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