Carrie Prejean's Mom Accused Her Dad Of Being Gay; Jon and Kate Dad's Mistress Has A Sex Tape

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  • When Carrie Prejean said she was against gay marriage because "that's how I've been raised by my mother" she wasn't kidding. During her parents divorce, both parents hurled accusations of homosexuality at the other side.
  • Her parents filed for divorce in 1988 and now TMZ has routed through more than ten years of divorce and custody lawsuits. In one document, Carrie's dad said, "Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality." A court appointed doctor said, "The mother questioned [within hearing of the girls] whether [her father] was a homosexual or had a homosexual roommate." Another counselor said, "The mother also alleges the father told the girls their stepfather was gay, that all men with mustaches are gay." [TMZ]
  • Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA franchise, will hold a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the fate of Miss California Carrie Prejean. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kiefer Sutherland was supposed to turn himself in to police today for headbutting designer Jack McCollough and get what is basically a ticket to appear for an arraignment at a later date. But, it's not clear if a non-resident can do this, so he may be arrested, taken into custody, and arraigned immediately. [TMZ]
  • As if having her brother give a lengthy interview to Us alleging that she's having an affair with Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 wasn't bad enough, now one of Deanna Hummel's ex-boyfriends has set up a website to try to sell the amateur sex tape he made with the elementary school teacher. The site features several screen grabs of a woman he claims is Hummel having sex. He writes, "The Deanna I knew wasn't above cheating, even with married men, hence our eventual breakup. During our time together we made a secret amateur sex tape. It wasn't a hidden cam or anything, she was totally aware of the fact that I was taping ... I am shopping this tape and am currently in negotiations with sites like about selling it." [Perez Hilton]
  • Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan flew to Montreal for an appearance at a nightclub. She was detained at the airport by Canadian officials who considered banning her from Canada due to her DUI convictions. After an hour-long interrogation, they let her in. [Jam]
  • Chris Brown's lawyer has filed a discovery motion stating that, asking for written statements and reports from the LAPD regarding the photo of a beaten Rihanna. He writes, "I intend to use such evidence at the preliminary hearing to attack their credibility. The defense intends to prove and argue that the afore-mentioned officers are not credible and that the Court should not believe some of their statements," and adds, "I believe there is a reasonable likelihood that the case will be dismissed at the preliminary hearing." [TMZ]
  • Oprah Winfrey's crew toured Susan Boyle's home in Scotland for an episode that will air on Monday. Boyle is expected to Skype in. [E!]
  • Singer Cassie's computer was hacked and now topless pictures of her are circulating on the internet. Her Twitter response is awesome: "IT SEEMS THAT SOMEONE HAS HACKED INTO MY COMPUTER...THAT'S REAL FOUL AND EVIL. NOW STOP ACTING LIKE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN A TITTY BEFORE." [Fleshbot (NSFW)]
  • Jennifer Aniston stopped speaking to her mother, Nancy Dow, when her book From Mother And Daughter To Friends: A Memoir was published in 1999, but now Jen says the feud is over. She says of their relationship, "It's good. It's OK. Things are now fine between us. All of that is over, and we're in touch with one another. Today Mom has moved from California and she's living in Colorado, and we speak, and it's all over." [The Daily Express]
  • This summer Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child will head to London to star as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago. [The Daily Express]
  • Fire trucks and ambulances rushed to Cher's house because someone hit the panic button, but it turns out someone working on her alarm system hit it accidentally. A law enforcement source said in Malibu, that happens a lot. [TMZ]
  • Katy Perry and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes are back together. [The Daily Mail]
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist Ean Evans has died after a long battle with cancer. In January, the band's former keyboardist, Billy Powell, also died. [TMZ]
  • Anne Hathaway used to live in a $37,500-a-month rented Trump Tower penthouse when she was dating scam artist Raffaello Follieri. Now she lives in the Avalon Bowery rental complex, where one-bedrooms start around $4,000 per month. [NY Post]
  • Mary Stuart Masterson and her husband Jeremy Davidson are expecting their first child together. [People]
  • Michelle Obama is getting her own permanent page on People's website. [Time]
  • Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of Abba have released several new singles, their first new pop songs in more than 15 years. [BBC]
  • Goldie Hawn met with Ted Kennedy's staff today. [Politico]
  • Jessica Alba, Keri Russell, and Chris Rock's wife Malaak Compton-Rock are in Washington, D.C., talking to legislators about affordable health care. [Politico]
  • David Lynch is launching Interview Project on June 1, a black-and-white online video series, he describes as "a road-trip where people have been found and interviewed … hundreds of people." [NY Magazine]
  • Peaches Geldof has been threatened with legal action because she didn't pay the $575.60 gas bill for her New York apartment. [The Daily Mail]
  • Liam Neeson made his first public speaking appearance since the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, to accept an award from his alma mater, Queens University Belfast. Liam quoted poet Paul Muldoon at the ceremony, saying art "builds from pain, from misery, from a deep-seated hurt, a monument to the human heart that shines like a golden dome among roofs rain-glazed and leaden," and adding, "I think it is a message that a university always gives its students in the end: It's time to move on, get on with your life. I got on with mine, and I'm still getting on." [Entertainment Tonight]
  • In response to Kirstie Alley complaining to Oprah that Valerie Bertinelli lost weight while she put on 83 pounds, Bertinelli says, "She should come work out with me! She should remember you can't do everything in one day [and] her exercise has to be consistent. She can do this. There's no doubt in my mind." [People]
  • Today The New York Times ran a story about an increasingly popular technique in which actors use Jungian theories of dream interpretation to try to act their roles in their dreams before playing them in real life. "We do some things that might be construed as voodoo, but nevertheless it gets results," says Harvey Keitel in the story. "I question everything, but I haven't been able to puncture any holes in this dream workshop." [NY Times]
  • This weekend PBS is running the BBC miniseries Wallander, starring Kenneth Branagh as a "physically bloated, emotionally broken and proudly Swedish detective." Branagh says, "The great thing about Wallander is that he is an extreme and flawed version of parts of all our own personalities, I think of him as an everyman. He is sort of an antihero. He could take better care of himself physically, in terms of his personal wardrobe. He might make more of an effort. He might dress for success a little more, be a little aware. I know he wants to have a relationship. God! I'm talking as if I'd been on the phone with him." [Yahoo]
  • Lily Allen says, "People always go: 'God, you're so outspoken' … That's like someone speaking out of place. If someone asks me a question, I'm going to answer … I don't protect myself." [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Earlier this week Rosie Perez went on NPR to talk about gentrification in Brooklyn, where she grew up and still lives. She said, "When I walk out of my house, I used to know everyone on my block in Clinton Hill. I walk out there now, people move away from me because I'm a person of color and then once they recognize me, they go, oh. That's a horrible feeling. That's a feeling I didn't grow up with." Now she says, "Let me tell you, since I said that [on the radio], now everybody is saying hello to me. Be careful what you wish for." [NY Magazine]
  • Keith Urban says of the paparazzi, "I'm as protective of my family as any father and husband can be. It can be just a bit intrusive, you know," adding that he and Nicole Kidman "what we can to keep (Sunday Rose) safe, because she didn't choose to come into this lifestyle. It's just what her mother and I do, so we do what we can to try and keep some civility about the whole thing." [Yahoo]
  • When Trent Reznor was asked if he has any unreleased Nine Inch Nails recordings, he said, "I'm not Prince or Rivers Cuomo, who brags about having hundreds of great songs. And to that I would say, ‘Prince, if you have a hundred great songs or a thousand, how about picking a few and putting them on your record that you've put out, because your last several have sucked.' Same for you, Rivers. I say that constructively, you know." He then added, "I may be happy and engaged but I can still be a prick." [Rolling Stone]
  • Elizabeth Hurley has some sex tips for you, if you're heading to the English countryside. "Next time you go to someone's house in the country, be sure to check out if they have warm, possibly fluffy, rugs in front of their fire. No prizes for guessing why they're there! I can also shyly confess to having two sheepskin rugs in front of all my fireplaces!" she said, "When I close my eyes and think of England, I'm not in a fancy restaurant in Knightsbridge, but am instead lolling, scantily clad, in front of a roaring fire." [The Sun]
  • In a poll, Jennifer Garner was voted the top celebrity mother, beating out Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon. [The Star]
  • Gisele Bundchen said of planning her two secret weddings to Tom Brady, "We tried very hard to keep it private. Oh my God, you have no idea how hard that was." She added that they didn't even know the scuffle between security and the paparazzi was going on. "The next day people were calling, and I'm like, 'I don't know what you're talking about.' I didn't even know it was happening. Later on, I was like, 'What? What happened on my day?' " [People]
  • Michael Caine explains why he's still in movies, even though he claims he's retired. "I do very few movies now, and I wait for ... what I call to myself 'the offer I can't refuse.' It doesn't have anything to do with money, it's just a script I can't refuse," he said. [CNN]
  • Tilda Swinton was asked about what she drinks when she goes out, because she's playing an alcoholic in Julia. She said: "This is where I have to come out of the closet and declare that I do not drink. If I'm around champagne drinkers, my drink is ginger ale. Because it means that I can look like I'm jolly and pretend to be getting drunk as well. I become infected by other peoples' drunkenness. And when I came to play the drunkenness in Julia, I realized that it was actually very easy for me because I'd been pretending to be drunk around my friends for years. Just getting high off their highness. But then the great thing is then I'm sober so when the police are called I just let them in tell turn the music down and send everybody home." [BlackBook]

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Y'ALL. My dad shaved off his mustache today. Perhaps in an effort to prove he's not gay?! It was just so unexpected. He's had one for 20 years