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Carrie Prejean Spreads The Blame After Being Stripped Of Title

Poor Carrie Prejean. No matter how she tries to spin it, things are not looking so hot for the grammatically-challenged former beauty queen.

Prejean was sacked recently, and as Anna N. posted yesterday, the reason may have been as simple as her complete lack of tact and her strange inability to read her own email. Prejean reportedly failed to show up for promotional events ("tens and tens and tens" of them, according to Miss California pageant head Keith Lewis), an allegation which Prejean staunchly denies. Lewis told the CBS Early Show, "[Carrie] was unavailable. She didn't want to make them. She was just really difficult to work with. She didn't want to make any appearances in Hollywood. It was a combative relationship."


During an appearance on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News last night, Prejean also claimed that the real reason she was fired has more to do with her beliefs than any failure to honor her contract. She says she believes that she is no longer a Miss USA title holder because of her controversial and inarticulate answer to Perez Hilton's question about gay marriage. "All I know is from the moment I gave my answer onstage that night, I have had no support from Keith Lewis or Shanna Moakler or anyone in the miss California organization," Prejean said. "This is all happening right now, because of the stance that I took for traditional marriage."


Prejean's official statement further denies Lewis's allegations, and directly contradicts what was shown in the chain of emails released between Lewis and Prejean:

"I have met every scheduled appearance, and responsibility, as recently as May 31st"... "I have followed the proper protocol requested of me and haven't made any appearances or speaking engagements without the consent or approval from the Miss California USA or Miss Universe Organizations. I have not signed with any book publisher or taken on any business proposals. As of today, June 11, 2009, I have done everything possible to honor my contract."

Prejean also appeared on the Today show to tell her side of the story to Matt Lauer, who actually asked her some good questions, like: "if [her stance on gay marriage] were the reason, why a month ago at that press conference, did Donald Trump stand up... and support you. Why did he support you then? Why would those comments suddenly warrant your firing now?" Prejean has no real answer. She repeatedly tries to turn the interview around on Lauer, asking him the same questions he asks her ("what were those appearances, Matt?") and eventually she claims that the whole thing was a setup. Toward the end, she refuses to admit any blame, saying: "tolerance needs to be a two way street, and it's not... I am here today, dethroned as Miss California, because of [my beliefs]."

Prejean is also claiming that her refusal to do a Playboy photo shoot has something to do with her pink slip. Extra reports:

Fired Miss California Carrie Prejean claims she turned down an offer from Playboy — and that was one of the reasons she was canned!

The 22-year-old says she was offered $140,000 to pose of the mag, but don't believe it! Insiders tell "Extra" there was never an offer on the table.


Prejean has also lost her job schilling for Sledge USA, a clothing company that caters to "fashion-forward, young contemporary and junior women." The decision was based on "Miss Prejean's neglect to fulfill promotional requests," according to an official statement released yesterday by Sledge USA. Joining in on the Prejean hate-fest is Shanna Moakler, who twittered on Thursday: "Carrie and mother goose have always told the best (lies) tales, my favorite being.. 'once upon a time the wind blew my top off.'"

But Prejean isn't letting it get her down. She ended her statement from yesterday with this:

"I am excited and looking forward to where God leads me in the future. I know He has big plans for me. I am proud to be the strong woman God has molded me to be. I will always stand for the truth, respectfully, and never back down. Thank you and God bless."


We don't know what God has in store for Carrie, but we can only hope it involves her moving out of the spotlight. Maybe a move to Alaska is in order?

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Francie Pants

Poor Carrie does not seem to understand what the words tolerance or contract mean. And she's just going to wrap herself in the flag of Traditional Values America, hoping they are desperate enough to take her in as a martyr. Hopefully, they can see through her bullshit.