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Carrie Prejean: "Satan Was Trying To Tempt Me"

Illustration for article titled Carrie Prejean: Satan Was Trying To Tempt Me

In an interview with Focus On The Family today, Carrie Prejean said being asked about gay marriage was the work of the devil himself... and she doesn't mean Perez Hilton. [U.S. News & World Report]


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I take such issue with statements like this, and I'm not even religious. I have a cousin who SWEARS that for the last two years God has told her when and what to eat. She's down to 90 pounds from well over 200. Listen, it's awesome that you are insane enough to hear things but um, if you honestly believe in an all-encompassing God, don't you think he's got some more important shit on his plate (no pun intended) than to tell you what to EAT? Is God so much of a loser that he's your diet coach now?!