Carrie Fisher Talks To Matt Lauer About Gay Husbands, LSD And Manic Depression

When Carrie Fisher got into acid, her famous mom called up Cary Grant and had him try to get her off it. Stars! They're… not like us at all. Did the Grant intervention help? Hell no. "I kept eating acid," Carrie admits, and that's not the only dirt she offers to Matt Lauer on Today. She's out promoting her warts-and-all memoir, Wishful Drinking, and she tells Matt all about the husband who left her for another man, the electroshock therapy she tried for her bipolar disorder, and the weight George Lucas made her lose for Star Wars. Lauer seems positively tickled by the divine Ms. Fisher, and can barely contain his glee. Clip above.

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Okay. I was quitting you for the day, but obviously I lied.

Matt Lauer is a bag o'dicks. That ninny-head asked her the stupidest mothersucking question about her bi-polar disorder. He asked her if she was constantly changing moods and shit, then asked if she came back tomorrow would she be a completely different person.

I wanted to leap through the tv and throttle his sack, this morning.