Next spring's Sex and the City movie has a big-girl budget, a built-in audience of young women often found flitting about lower Park Avenue and, of course, lots of ridiculous clothes. The funny thing about all those clothes, however, is while many of them were no doubt requested by costume designer/fun drunk lesbian Patricia Field, just as many were conveniently "placed into the film by PR firms and fashion labels themselves, with just a wee bit of cash changing hands between the fashion houses and the film's producers! Reports the Daily Mail:

Major brands and designers around the world spent months jockeying for prominent placement on this high-profile movie runway. Money was offered, calls made, favours called in and publicists begged to get their brands on the backs of this glamorous quartet of women.

Brand strategist agencies work as corporate matchmakers and are involved in the movie-making process from the very beginning. They are given advance copies of scripts in order to analyse whether there are opportunities for a partnership, giving money to the studio in exchange for promotion.

The Daily Mail goes onto explain that Sex and the City producers were offered almost a million dollars by Campari for a little bar-based product placement, and that they almost went for it. Says executive producer Michael Patrick King: "The first thing that came to me was to go ahead with it. Then I thought: 'Hang on, Carrie would never order that'." (This from the man who insists that NYC's Meatpacking district is still cool.)

Forget the fact that the large majority of writers can't afford head-to-toe designer wardrobes (trust us on this one), Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe is unrealistic because it isn't even comprised of what a writer would want to wear even if she could afford to. But hell, who cares? After all, what is narrative integrity compared to cold, hard cash?


Cash and Carrie: How Top Designers Have Spent Millions To Get Their Outfits in the SATC Movie [Daily Mail]

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