Carolyn Kirk, the Mayor of Gloucester, Massachusetts, says that the teen "pregnancy pact" the country is up in arms about has "not been confirmed." Despite the fact that 17 Gloucester High girls, all 16 or younger and most of them sophomores, all became pregnant this spring, because "the high school principal is the one who initially [called it a pregnancy pact], and no one else has said it," Kirk tells the AP, it might not exist. The mayor is holding a meeting today with school and health officials to discuss the alleged pact. As noted earlier, Dr. Brian Orr and Nurse Practitioner Kim Daly quit their jobs with the school district after the spate of pregnancies because their plan to provide confidential contraception was nixed. [AP via LAT]


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@AthertonMerriweather: here's what's been bugging me about this whole thing: the pricipal is apparently telling any news outlet he can find that the father of at least one of the babies is a homeless guy, but it doesn't sound like he has any proof of that— he's just passing on rumours, or so it seems. quite frankly, until some 24 year old homeless guy is arrested for statutory rape, i think he should keep his mouth shut. to me, it seems like he's throwing the homeless dude thing in there to make it more icky/scandalous, which is way inappropriate in my book. has it never occurred to him that one of the girls might have lied? so as to not get her boyfriend in trouble?