Carlton's Revenge: Kyle Richards' Beverly Hills Boutique Is Being Tormented by Bees

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Kyle Richards is allergic to bees. You would know this if you watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because she mentions it as often if not more than Yolanda Foster talks about Lyme. Well, it looks like the bees are sick of all Kyle’s smack talking because they’re now swarming outside her Beverly Hills boutique, Kyle By Alene Too.

“A bright red Beverly Hills Fire Department engine with its lights on rolled up just outside the boutique,” reports the Daily Mail (and they have photos to prove it). “Firefighters were seen securing the area around the beehive with yellow caution tape as they removed the hive safely.”

Hm. Perhaps it just so happened that the bees decided to build their home outside of Kyle By Alene Too. Maybe they’re big fans of flowing caftans and wanted to check out Kyle’s stock. Or maybe...


You might remember that Season 4 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills included a self-identified witch named Carlton Gebbia and that she—lover of all animals—was disgusted when Kyle had her friend kill a bee during an outdoor dinner. You might also recall that Carlton was accused of cursing the husband of fellow castmate Joyce (a.k.a Hoy-say) and cursing Kyle’s computer screensaver to read “666.”

What we need to know from Carlton is that she’s not doing any spells to make bees attack Kyle.


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Hello friends. Please don’t kill bees. If you have a hive in your yard and are afraid (which you shouldn’t be bc bees aren’t going to do a thing to you unless you go out of your way to upset them) please consider having them safely removed. Call your local beekeeper club and they’ll know how to help you out. Thank You! :>