Carlos Campos: Menswear Tries Not To Be Boring

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Who: Carlos Campos Spring 2008
Where: Splashlight studios
What: Runway show and party: Menswear. Imagine Op meets Members Only. Leather flight jackets, 80s shorts. Extremely slim cut pants in pale blue. Slim cut short shorts in pale blue. Thin knit scoop neck sweaters. That's scoop necks for men. The day looks were all pale gray, pale blue, pale yellow or white — pale pale pale. For evening there was purple glitter suit, a black glitter tuxedo. Androgynous model Omahyra walked at the end and there was a huge whoop from the crowd, lots of standing, applause and flashbulbs.


Would straight guys wear it? No. One suit was sort of Pete Doherty on Ecstasy, but otherwise, no.

Overheard (re: the male models): "Did they tell them to walk like robots?" "It's so sad — the girls are so fierce. Boys are like, awkward." "They're sending out the same thing over and over." "Look at how tight it its."

"Celeb" sightings: eBay style director Constance White; Project Runway's Malan Breton; America's Next Top Model contestant Melrose; America's Next Top Model judge Nolé Marin.

Free booze? Yes, vodka!

Goodie bag: A PVC "made in China" Borghese bag with a few sample-size Borghese products someone remarked "you can get at Costco."

  • Age-defying protective eye cream
  • Age-defying protective moisture lotion SPF 15
  • Age-defying wrinkle defense serum
  • Curaforte moisture intensifier
  • Sweetriot Flavor 65 hit (100% cacao nibs dunked in 65% dark chocolate)
  • $50 Gift card to Completely Bare, which will get you a facial or bikini wax
  • Promotional post cards
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Final verdict: If you're gay, or an androgynous rock star on vacation in St. Tropez, or an androgynous rock star looking for something to wear on the red carpet, check out the pale short suits for day and glittery tux for night. Otherwise, meh.



That guy looks like he could be a cruise ship waiter. Or modeling some softball coach shorts.