Carla Bruni, French President Nicolas Sarkozy: It's Serious & Sartorial

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Now that it's been confirmed that Nicole Kidman is pregnant, we're relieved that we can fully devote our energies to obsessing over whether or not former model Carla Bruni and French president Nicolas Sarkozy are really engaged or just like, totally committed to each other, but sans a wedding date. Chanel designer and resident expert on everything under the sun Karl Lagerfeld tells Women's Wear Daily:

It's very 'our times.' Carla is great: chic, modern, speaks many languages, perfectly educated, beautiful. I see only quality... I loved the Chiracs, but politics are like fashion: It's about change and there has to be a first lady in a place like the Elysée Palace. Why not such a beautiful one?...[Bruni can] reinvent that look — it will be great for the image of France.


But what does President Sarkozy have to say? Well, according to a press conference he held this morning, he seems to believe that his relationship with Bruni is setting a new trend, too, but one that has nothing to do with fashion:

I have been a part of a break with a deplorable tradition in our country: hypocrisy and lies... Carla and I have decided not to lie. I don't allow myself to judge [my predecessors] [and their extramarital relationships], everyone must live as they see fit... There is a strong chance that you will learn about [his marriage to Bruni] after it's already done... You've understood: it is serious... It isn't the [newspaper] that will set the date.

Well, snap! But what he fails to admit is that his having Bruni at his side not only makes him look fierce, but his country wildly alluring to outsiders. (Although the French themselves are said to be unenthused about the coupling, Italian designer Giambattista Valli says the idea of "such a good-looking, stylish woman" as Bruni is "brilliant".) And that's clearly the only thing that matters, right? Integrity, schmegrity! Fuck morals when you can parlay a hot bride-to-be into an economic surge!

Head of the Marilyn modeling agency (which counts Bruni as a client), Robert Ferrell, muses: "She's gorgeous, she has a great sense of style and she has her own mind. Every fashion industry worldwide could use someone like her as their country's first lady." Okay, so let's make sure we're getting this straight: We should be picking our first ladies based on how pretty they are? And how much they can help a respective country's fashion industry? No wonder our world is in such a sorry state. With logic like this — well, we can assume that Huckabee might as well give up his bid for president now. Also, we seriously encourage Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to put aside their differences and just run as a ticket, because seriously we cannot think of a foxier, more fashionable spousal coupling than Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama. If that's not a Ralph Lauren ad in the making, we don't know what is!

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Jenna Sauers

@stacyinbean: He was married to a former model named Cecilia. They met when he officiated her first marriage. Then spent 2005 living in different cities with his 'n' hers lovers, except he hushed his up by leaning on his newspaper-owning friends to quash the story. Then he wrote a book in which he said that he and Cecilia are so in love that "we don't know how to separate from one another."

Then he was elected and she was suspiciously M.I.A. for a longish time, and then she left him. Like two months ago.

His grasp on the moral high ground is pretty tenuous.