Carine Roitfeld Is Anti-Anorexia, Pro-Peeing Behind Cars

Carine Roitfeld confirms in a new interview what we already knew back in 2008: those rumors that she, a barely-English speaking editor then in charge of a publication with a circulation of around 130,000, would be tapped to replace Anna Wintour at the helm of the behemoth that is American Vogue were totally false, just part of the gossip-column psy-ops of Wintour and Condé Nast as they renegotiated her contract. Roitfeld says of Wintour:

"She's tough but she's very honest. I like that. When my kids came to New York she invited them to dinner and as a mum those are things you don't forget. She is not my best friend, we never talk on the phone every day, but she is someone I respect, and the older you get in this business the fewer people you respect."


Roitfeld also says she sleeps in her eye makeup ("It is very wrong to sleep in your make-up but when you wake up the next morning, I think it looks very good"), prefers the label "erotic chic" to "porno chic," and disapproves of anorexia ("Sometimes, they were right," she says of her Vogue-era critics). And then the editor told a story about public urination:

"When I was going in nightclubs there were cameras in the toilets looking to see if you were taking drugs, so I said, 'OK, I will never go to pee in the toilet in a nightclub.' I will always prefer to go to pee behind a car. We took a picture like this." It's not something one can imagine Anna Wintour or Alexandra Shulman, her British counterpart, admitting to. "It was reality for me," says Roitfeld. "It is important to have a sense of humour and always with a certain chic. Even if the girl is peeing behind a car, she is doing it with a chic attitude."




Lily Aldridge Tweeted a photo of her and husband Caleb Followill with their 8-week-old daughter, Dixie Pearl. [@LilyAldridge]


Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's cat, turned 1. The Kaiser had his people give the cat a shrimp cocktail. (Do cats even like shrimp cocktail?) [@KarlLagerfeld]


Arizona Muse is in the fall Diane von Furstenberg campaign. [WWD]


Cole Haan got Jen Brill and Opening Ceremony's Olivia Kim to collaborate on three fall shoes, resulting in the adorable red suede bootie here (that we will not be able to own because it costs a whopping $548). [WWD]


BREAKING: Liberty Ross has posted an entry to her British Vogue blog. It is a black-and-white photo of some kind of soaring bird of prey and the word "LIBERTY" in ALLCAPS. Let's speculate about what it means. [Vogue UK]

  • Ivanka Trump says that the shoe line she licensed to Marc Fisher in 2010 is performing well — largely thanks to reasonable prices, says Trump, that top out at around $300 for a pair of boots. (Egads: ten years ago the shopping public used to be able to get actual, you know, designer shoes for that price.) Fisher wouldn't disclose exact numbers, but says that revenue is expected to double this year. The line has not been without controversy: the Trump brand copied a Derek Lam shoe, earning a cease-and-desist from the designer, and Fisher himself recently lost a long-running lawsuit over knock-offs and had to pay significant damages to Gucci. Fisher is also currently being sued by Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison, formerly of Sigerson Morrison, for sexual harassment and breach of contract. [WWD]

    Speaking of Sigerson Morrison, Kari Sigerson is back and designing a new higher-end line for that other controversial footwear macher, Steve Madden. The new brand will be called 7B, it will be made in Italy, and it will retail for $330-$700. [WWD]

    Gisele Bündchen has reportedly confirmed her latest pregnancy in an interview with the South American broadcaster TV Globo. [Vogue UK]

    Free People is expanding its lingerie line — in both sizing (cups will now go up to a DD) and distribution (the company will now wholesale its underwear to other retailers). [WWD]

    David Gandy says of the models and celebrities he saw in the green room for the Olympic closing ceremonies, "Everybody was behaving in a way that was very British. There were some of the biggest stars in the world in that room, but they all seemed to be conscious of the fact that the real heroes were the athletes and it just wasn't the time or the place for any diva behaviour...It was actually surprisingly demure: all we were imbibing were cups of tea and coffee and having cake rather than anyone doing anything untoward." [Telegraph]

    Snooki now has her own signature lipstick. It's the color of pepto-bismol and it costs $22. [InStyle]

    The local council won't permit Abercrombie & Fitch to throw its typical kind of shirtless-male-model extravaganza of an opening party for the chain's new, and fairly controversial, Savile Row store. [Vogue UK]

    And now, a moment with Christopher Ciccone, whose inexplicable footwear line will launch at London Fashion Week this fall. Christoher, what the hell are you doing designing shoes with a Slovakian company called Novesta?

    "Obviously, there will be a number of people wondering what the hell I am doing [designing] shoes...The thing that concerns me is the legitimacy factor. It's a lot of pressure. Madonna will always be my sister. At some point, though, I would like to be able to pick up [a news story] that says, ‘Christopher Ciccone, footwear designer,' instead of ‘Madonna's brother designs footwear.'" [WWD]

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