Cardi B Wants to Get Her Teeth Fixed, Studies the Holocaust (Unrelated)

Our dear friend Cardi B, of Love & Hip-Hop and social media fame, did an interview with Power 105's The Breakfast Club on Tuesday, speaking on things like: Donald Trump, the Holocaust, and why she’s considering getting her teeth fixed.


In the middle of the interview, host Charlamagne Tha God tries to pull some gotcha journalism by throwing her politics questions. But Cardi at least has a basic grasp and informed opinions about all the candidates. She’s okay with Hillary Clinton but also leery (“I sometimes feel like she’s being a little fake. You gotta hit the dab to get a coupl’a votes?”).

She dislikes Donald Trump (“Y’all so thirsty to get the economy fixed,” says Cardi, blaming the idiots of America for fueling his run). And she’s iffy on whether Bernie Sanders can deliver on his promises with actual policies (“I do wanna vote for Bernie but there’s certain things he be saying that it’s like, you just can’t stop that. He say you gotta stop racism and it’s like, that’s not gonna happen.”)

Other things I learned watching this charming interview include the fact that Cardi claims to know a lot about history (“My favorite historical event? I really study a lot the Holocaust event”). She’s dating women while her boyfriend is locked up and she hasn’t visited him lately (“Should I go get this schmoney or should I go see you?”). She’s found herself increasingly being blackmailed with nude photos (no bother: “I know what I got down there is type cute”). Also, despite Cardi’s success, she says her mom is “still not out the hood yet.”

The saddest thing might be that the comments about her “crooked” teeth (which aren’t even that bad) have apparently been getting to her. “It’s like, ‘damn fix your teeth, fix your mouth, you still ugly’ and it kinda breaks you down,” she says. “But it’s just like, whatever.” Everything is like whatever.

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I love Cardi-B. Everything about her. She’s a treasure and so refreshingly honest about herself and her experiences. Love her. People are mean as fuck. How are her teeth bothering anyone? She’s adorable.