Cardi B and Offset Drop $100,000 on 'Baby Bling'

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Question: Would you spend $100,000 on jewelry for your kid’s first birthday? I ask, mostly because Cardi B and Offset have dropped that exact amount on a diamond encrusted, white gold chain featuring cartoon animals. Per TMZ:

Check it out ... when Kulture celebrates her first birthday on July 10, she’s gonna get this super sick piece from her parents, featuring characters from her favorite TV show, “Word Party.” We’ve learned Cardi commissioned celeb jeweler Eliantte for the project ... and the pendant and chain are made of diamonds, white gold and vibrantly colored enamel. Altogether, we’re told Cardi dropped about $100,000 to keep Kulture ice cold.


The splurge reminds me of Future’s recent purchase of a Rolex for his 5 year old son, Baby Future. DJ Khaled, of course, also gave Asahd a $100,000 diamond-encrusted watch for his 1st birthday in 2017. And either all jewelry is worth $100,000 in Hollywood, or there’s a rampant habit of inflating the price of frivolous luxury goods. Why else would you post them on Instagram? And while this news would normally pass me by, it’s an interesting contrast to Cardi B’s indictment Friday and subsequent performance at the BET Experience Saturday. During an interlude she was seen chanting “I ain’t going to jail!” With such reckless spending, I’m inclined to believe her!


There’s something about the Jonas Brothers that send entertainment outlets into an uncharacteristic frenzy. Headlines spin out of control, illegal uses of metaphor run rampant, and gatherings of famouses are treated more delicately than heads of state. And while Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ mellow second wedding pales into comparison to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra-Jonas’ months-long festivities, the reporters at Entertainment Tonight have already lost their minds. After the newlyweds arrived in Paris alongside Priyanka, Nick, and Wilmer Valderama, here’s the lede from ET:

Seemingly all of Hollywood is converging on the City of Love for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s second nuptials.

It absolutely got me to click through for more in my desperate search for Monday morning gossip! I thought, who else? Who else could have possibly showed up? Maisie Williams? The Harringtons? Kevin Jonas’ wife who’s name I can’t be bothered to Google? But that’s it! The original quintuplet are the only to enter “the City of Love.” With the deployment of “Seemingly,” you’d have thought a spaceship carrying the entire Beverly Hills zip code would have crash landed into the Louvre with that flagrant misuse of framing! It reminds me of Nick and Priyanka’s wedding “arrivals,” which every tabloid carried out live updates for. After camping out for hours, I was saddened to discover that the most notable guests were Armie Hammer’s wife and (allegedly) Jack Macbrayer. Regardless, here’s Sophie Turner’s latest Instagram post from Paris. And I’m sure there’ll be more as this story “develops.” In the meantime, let’s get petty: which Jonas nuptials might pull a larger celebrity crowd? My votes for the current era. (Just imagine the Game of Thrones discourse over hors d’oeuvres!)

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Jane-Luc Picard

I don’t have enough vomit emojis for this headline.

Can I please go to sleep and wake up when conspicuous consumption is as socially scorned as it should be?

New Gilded Age indeed. Call me when the revolution begins. Until then I’ll be sharpening my costume jewelry into shrapnel for the cluster bombs.