Can't Buy Me Love: Singles Cut Back On Dating Costs

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In this craptacular economy even love is feeling the pinch, as singles across the country are cutting back on dating costs to keep a little extra change in their pockets. According to MSNBC, "a recent survey by Zandl of 300 people in their 20s and 30s found that singles are less interested in spending money on a night out, with almost half saying they are partying more at home." Gone are the days of extravagant dinners and fancy date outfits: at this point, singles say, creative, cheaper options are the way to go.36-year-old Rachel Sarah explained that the rising costs of dating have forced her and her dates to become more creative and casual. Rollerskating, bowling, and hiking have all been used as alternatives to the standard dinner and a movie approach. Not only does the casual dating save Sarah money, but it eliminates the pressure on her partner to pay up, as well. "It can be so much less awkward than sitting at a fancy restaurant and worrying about the bill and how you can split the bill," she tells MSNBC. Sarah also admits that she and her friends came up with "The First Date Skirt," a skirt meant to be worn on every first date. Sarah wore hers so often that she had to buy a replacement, admitting that the skirt "got so frayed, I can't wear it on a first date anymore." Elvert Howard, an ad exec who has been hit hard by the economy, agrees, claiming that he now takes his dates to free museums instead of fancy dinners. ""If you approach them with a good personality and you get excited about the museum … [and] if a girl has the same interest in the museum, she won't mind," Howard explains. This may sound like a cheapskate's bargaining tool, but Howard has a point: if you can't have fun with someone while running around a free museum, checking out strange and wonderful exhibits, then maybe it's better that you didn't blow a ton of money on an expensive outfit and dinner for two. One of my best dates was to FAO Schwarz to buy a birthday present for my friend's niece. We were 19 and broke, but we spent the night playing with toys and eating candy out of the giant wall dispensers and had a lot of fun. That was nine years ago, and we're still together today. That's not to say that now that we're older, we don't like to rock the occasional fancy dinner, but the point is this: you don't have to spend a lot to have a good time, as long as you're in good company. So what about you? Has the economy changed your spending habits, when it comes to dating? Amid Slump, Singles Cut Dating Costs [MSNBC]



So single people - now like married people!

I consider going to the grocery store with my hubby fun. It helps that I make a game out of groping him when no one can see us.