Canoe Rides, Beach Towns, and Lovesick White People: Yep, a New Nicholas Sparks Movie Is on Its Way

Nicholas "Hemingway" Sparks sure has his formula down pat. Sad hot white lady meets sad hot white dude. Someone is dead. Someone dies. They fall in love in a quaint small town. They sit in a canoe. They bone in the rain. Trials. Tribulations. Trust that the audience will all be a the right point in their menstrual cycle for this saccharine bullshit to be mildly palatable. Make millions, buy a bunch of black t-shirts and start over.


This time the author/creator of Dear John, The Notebook and Cancer Girlfriend: My Girlfriend Has Cancer brings us Safe Haven, the story of a blonde haircut (Julianne Hough) who, on the lam from the law, seeks protection in a seaside town and in the loving thrusts of a local widower (Josh Duhamel). Lasse Hallstrom (Cider House Rules, Chocolat) is directing.




Spoiler Alert!

What was the most ridiculous Love Interest Death! out of all the Sparks movies? I'm going with Richard Gere getting killed in a South American mudslide (!!!) in Nights in Rodanthe.