A Republican candidate for Missouri brags on his campaign website that he majored in Economics in college. Whoops, did he say "Economics?" He meant Home Economics. Totally the same thing, right?

Plastics kingpin Dave Spence told one Missouri newspaper that he was sorry for the confusion and that he'd change the misleading language on his website so that it more accurately reflects his actual course of study.

As a former member of the Future Homemakers of America (not joking), I take umbrage at the assertion that Home Economics doesn't teach students valuable skills. Media freakouts over the lack of ability of young adults to successfully operate as grown ups is a reflection of a dearth of grown uppery skills one might learn in Home Economics (or Family and Consumer Sciences Education). But I would also like to whip up a homemade, from-scratch Hardy Harr Harr at Spence's implicit acknowledgment that knowing about such things as "housing and interior design" and "food science, dietics, and nutrition" isn't as impressive on a resume for a gubernatorial candidate as knowledge of governor-type stuff like taxes. Or political science. Or money economics.

Spence's college degree? Of economics, yes, but of the home [StL Today]