Illustration for article titled Candace Bushnell: You Want A Yacht, Dont You?!

"The really scary thing about New York is not the fear that everyone is hiding their true self. The really frightening thing is that they're not—that that's it. That they've become whatever person they've built up." That's Sloane Crosley, who is allegedly the most popular publicist in New York. Anyway, a story in today's NY Observer begins with an anecdote about Candace Bushnell ambushing Sloane at a book party, full of advice about getting out of publishing, "and how we were never really going to make money doing what we did," Sloane says. Adds her friend: "She had Sloane by the shoulders, and she was saying, 'You want a yacht, don't you?!'" In other news, the Observer doesn't seem to be running old Sex & The City columns anymore. Not that this anecdote doesn't concisely sum them up! [New York Observer]

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