Canadian Website Will Stop Listing Abortionists As Terrorists

Last week, a Canadian government website drew fire for including "abortionists" in a list of "single-issue terrorist groups." Its administrators have now pledged to overhaul their list.


A tipster wrote in to Canada's Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) to ask why the organization was "referring to doctors who perform a legal medical procedure pejoratively." She added, "I assume that you meant 'anti-abortionists,' who do actually perpetuate terrorism." FINTRAC rep Blaine Harvey replied,

Thank you for your note. You are correct it was an error and we have decided to rewrite the entire module.


The page that once displayed the list of "single-issue terrorist groups" is now inactive. Hopefully FINTRAC will be a little more careful this time.

Image via Gunnar Pippel/

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