Canadian Man Fined For Singing 'Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)' In His Car

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Everyone knows that the car is one of the best places to sing, second only to the shower and into the mouth of a very deep cave. But a Canadian man was fined by police after they decided that he was simply having too much fun while on his way to buy a bottle of water, singing along to his (and your) favorite song, C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).”


Some songs, like Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” are totally fine to sing at a quiet, respectful volume. But “GMYS (EDN)“ is not a jam a person just half-asses. Taoufik Moalla knew that, and what did he get for his trouble? A $149 fine.

According to CTV News, Moalla was driving along on the way to his errand, probably right at the line that goes “It’s your world and I’m just a squirrel,” when he heard a police siren behind him:

“I was thinking they wanted to pass, but they called on the speaker, ‘Please go to the right side,’” Moalla told CTV Montreal. “I stopped and four police came, two on each side, and checked the inside of the car. Then they asked me if I screamed. I said, ‘No, I was just singing.’”

The cops checked Moalla’s license and registration, and returned with the ticket for “causing disorder by screaming,” a violation of “peace and tranquility.” Moalla was surprised, to say the least:

“I don’t know if my voice was very bad and that’s why I got the ticket, but I was very shocked,” Moalla said. “I understand if they are doing their job, they are allowed to check if everything’s okay, if I kidnapped someone or if there’s danger inside but I would never expect they would give me a ticket for that.”

Imagine if this distaste for singing in cars was pandemic across cinematic history. If Wayne and Garth had just cruised along in silence. If Harold and Kumar had just...driven to White Castle. If Russell had just kept poutily clutching his towel while Penny Lane took a nap or something.

Moalla has contested the ticket and is now awaiting a court date.


Supernova: Bullshit Jedi

My favorite songs to sing in the car in no particular order are as follows:

Epic - Faith No More

Fuel - Metallica

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

Plush- Stone Temple Pilots

Bohemian Rhapsody (with opera voices and guitar solo) -Queen

Hold On - Tom Waits

Holy Diver - Dio

Come As You Are- Nirvana

N.I.B. - Black Sabbath

And if you don’t sing with me then you need to find someone else to give you a ride. Seriously get out of my car.