Canadian Bar Sells Cups with Lids to Curb Roofied Drinks

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A bar in Saskatchewan right across the border from North Dakota has taken it upon itself to keep an eye out for it's female patrons by offering drinking cups with screw-on lids. The hard plastic cup is selling for five dollars, and is being sold as a way to prevent spiked drinks. CBC reports that the bar's management simply wants so keep things safe for their women customers:

"I want girls to be able to come into our bar in groups of two or three, or if they don't have dates, they can still come in here and have fun and dance and not have to worry about somebody drugging them," Regina Rooks, manager of the Derrick Motor Hotel bar, told CBC News. "There has been a couple incidents."

"We are now a boomtown and undesirables do come to town," she said

Rooks very clearly means well. She obviously wants to protect her customers, and she's showing a resourcefulness and inclination to try and solve a serious problem.

At the same time, it's still just a bandaid solution to a much bigger issue. It reinforces the idea that potential victims are responsible for their own sexual safety. And charging for the cup adds a whole other layer to that idea. Putting a lid on a beverage isn't telling rapists they shouldn't rape, which is, you know, the main problem. It's not really deterring rape.

But honestly, it kind of seems like that's the best a bar can do for the time being to specifically battle people spiking others' drinks. Sigh, have we got some work ahead of us.

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Argh I'm so fucking sick of this idea that women shouldn't be taking responsibility for their own safety because in a perfect world they wouldn't have to. Living in a fantasy world won't keep you safe! Predators are out there, and they will continue to be out there. You can't just sit around waiting for society to solve it's problems while you let yourself be victimized.

To expand, this idea started out perfectly reasonably, with women speaking out against ridiculous victim blaming such as "don't wear a skirt if you don't want to be raped". It has now been taken way too far and evolved into complete ridiculousness, with people suggesting it's "problematic" for women to be learning self defense or carrying mace because "it's the rapists responsibility not to rape you".