Can You Tell if a Man or a Woman Wrote These Sex Scenes?

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Martin Amis told Hay festival-goers last week that women write sex scenes better than men — "Once a man is writing a sex scene he's feeling omnipotent... but women don't, and they write better about it," he said — so the Guardian put together an x-rated quiz to test that out. (Possibly NSFW if your boss likes to read over your shoulder.)

I scored a 3/10 — "Arctic," the Guardian informed me — maybe because Amis' quote gave me false courage that
all of the best lines would be written by women/no woman would (spoiler!!) call her vagina a "warm, wet cave."

Quiz: Were These Sex Scenes Written by a Man or a Woman? [The Guardian]

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8/10... the only ones I got wrong were the last two, I flipped them around. At first glance, I thought number three was by a woman, but I went back and changed my answer based on the last part:

'Ohmygodyes,' she said and I laughed. She opened her eyes and looked up at me with curiosity and hopefulness. 'Is it over, or is there more?'

It seemed like a total guy thing to write the woman so innocent and naive, and sure enough— Stephen King.