Can Someone Tell Me if Kylie Jenner Is Wearing an Actual Hedgehog as a Hat?

While on her way to meet up with singer-songwriter and BFF Jordyn Woods for a lunch date, Kylie Jenner wore an ensemble topped off with what I’m convinced is an actual hedgehog for a hat.

Because the paprazzi want you to live your best life, photographers took pics of what appears to be Jenner wearing an IRL version of Sonic the Hedgehog as an accessory. Here’s a reenactment of the headgear in question.


Because I cannot reprint them here, someone go over to JustJared, view the photos, and tell me: is it a hedgehog, Y or N. [JustJared]

On the first day of their current trip to India, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton dropped by the Oval Maiden cricket ground in Mumbai for a friendly match, and like you do, Kate stepped in and decided to play in heels like a DAMN LADY.


As People reports:

“The couple’s first stop was to the Oval Maiden cricket ground, where they got in on the action during a friendly match with local children.

Kate traded her red paisley-print Alexander McQueen arrival ensemble for a colorful tunic-inspired dress by Mumbai designer Anita Dongre. She paired the pink-and-green printed dress with sky-high wedges.

‘She really wanted to wear a local designer at the earliest possible opportunity as a tribute to Mumbai’s wonderful design talent,’ a royal source said. ‘This dress is a perfect way to do that.’”


During the match, this photo was also taken:


There you go: now we have irrefutable proof that once you become a royal, you are automatically given the ability to fly. [People]

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