Can Mariah Help Celebriscent Industry Shake Off Its Doldroms?

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  • The more celebs who launch perfumes, the worse they all smell, apparently. Sales of the celebrity stink fell 17% last year. Can Mariah Carey save the celebrity-olfactory complex? 80% of white women and 90% of black women view Mimi favorably, according to surveys. Which is really the only important thing when we're deciding how to smell — whether we approve of the public persona carefully cultivated by the celebrity licensing his or her name to the perfume. Usher, Gwen, Diddy, and SJP are also launching scents.[WWD]
  • In other smells-need-faces news, the face of the new Tom Ford fragrance is...Tom Ford! He rated EXTREMELY favorably with himself. [WWD]
  • "Bush's decision to wear black socks with his Crocs was ill-considered. The combination makes one think of an old man on his way to the beach." [Washington Post]
  • LVMH is holding a Fendi fashion show on the Great Wall of China. Because the Great Wall was about as effective as keeping out Genghis Kahn as Chinese anti-piracy laws are at eradicating fake baguettes? Because no one told them you can't really see the Great Wall from the moon? Or just cause it wouldn't be the fashion industry if it weren't psychotically bombastic? [Reuters]
  • In other LVMH news, the corporate parent of pretty much every luxury brand known to woman is getting into the terribly lucrative and glamorous newspaper business. Because why turn 30% operating margins when you could be losing money and battling unions? Because it's retro? [Vogue UK]
  • Ronson out! It appears that SoapNet's upcoming reality show The Fashionista Diaries is on the brink of canning initial star Charlotte Ronson. They say contract negotiations. We say... eh, who cares about Lindsay Lohan's cokehead lesbo hanger-on-er's twin sister? It's like Scarlett Johansson's twin brother. But stupider. [WWD, 2nd item]
  • One third of women attending music festivals buy new wardrobes for them. And one out of every one of those one third women have something "kinda Kate Moss-ish" in mind. [Fashion Inc.]

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Doesn't SJP already have a fragrance? When I went to the Lord and Taylor closing sale a few months ago they were getting rid of these giant wallboards with SJP's face in giant ultra size (seriously, the mole was the size of my fist) advertising some perfume. I was tempted to buy the ads and play a little prank on the boyfriend.

Also, I was always under the impression that black girls didn't want to claim Mariah as their own, nor did white girls. Who the hell is approving of her?