Can Jenna Bush Be A Beacon To Kids Who Hate Their Parents' Politics?

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I wanted to apologize to Jenna Bush. I don't think she really has an eating disorder at all and, on top of that, I've kind of always loved her. I love that she taught kids and lived in that poor country her gramps invaded that one time they tried to pretend they had sovereignty or whatever. I love that she got arrested for underage drinking 67 times. I love how her voice is kind of low and husky and doesn't make you cringe at all. I love that I can't hate her even though she is the spawn of the Worst President Of Ever, because that makes me believe in Free Will, and to that end I love the slow, gradual public betrayal of her father's terrible wrongheaded politics she has been making ever since she declared the world should Be Nice To One Another And Always Use Condoms. Yesterday Jenna went on Larry King Live with her mom and said she maybe wasn't voting for John McCain. I'm pretty sure Jenna likes Obama, since he, too, is a big Breaker of the Cycle.


As is Julie Nixon Eisenhower, who loved her dad but, when it came time to running his Library and looking after his legacy, decided it was a job best left to an independent body open to hard criticism and serious scrutiny than a small family controlled body of deluded loyalists. Julie has been giving money to Obama.

Patti Davis, the most famous dissenting political daughter, likes to actively advise candidates against trying to "live up" to her dad's legacy, but in her craziness/being named "Patti", Patti sort of made it look bad to be the "daughter who publicly dissents." Maybe Jenna can make it look cool again.



Re: marrying the GOP guy- what about James Carville/Mary Matalin. It's possible to love someone and disagree with their politics. I know one couple like that, too. It's always a disaster when dinner party conversation turns to politics, though.

I have no beef with Jenna. I kinda prefer Barbara though.