Camille Paglia's hatred of Hillary Clinton has been well-documented in American publications, but, not content to keep her vitriol to one continent, Paglia has written a screed entitled "Why Women Shouldn't Vote For Hillary Clinton" for the Telegraph. Paglia includes her customary insults towards Hillary's looks ("Frumpy, stumpy and myopic, she identified with the new idolatry of shiny careerism promulgated by the second-wave feminism of the late 1960s, when she emerged from posh Wellesley College"), accuses Clinton of "anti-male rhetoric" and concludes, "If Hillary loses, batten the hatches against a mass resurrection of paranoid, paleo-feminist martyrs, counting their wounds and wailing at the blood-red moon." Oh yes, Camille. Beware those evil feminist werewolves! They're out to destroy us all, you know. [Telegraph]