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You know, I think I may have been a little harsh on Guyland author Michael Kimmel yesterday. I think there was validity to some of what he said on the Today show, and that it could be applied to both sexes: that there is an extended adolescence these days that has left everyone, not just men, confused about their adult roles. For fucks sake, by the time my Grandparents were my age, they had two kids and my Grandfather had seen the front lines of the Battle of the Bulge. That shit certainly doesn't leave you dithering over Xbox. It's not a value judgment on adulthood or lack thereof, but it is an observation, and advertising, like the set of Campbell's soup ads with football players and their moms (like Donovan McNabb and his mama, pictured here), may play into the further infantilzation of American male.Good thing Campbell's has decided to no longer run the pretty cute ads, which featured "National Football League greats and their mothers calling them inside for dinner and serving them soup." Apparently, according to the Wall Street Journal, the ad wizards working for Campbell have decreed that "the company's target consumers — men in their 30s — are finally achieving soup independence." The brand manager for Campbell's Chunky soup also tells the Journal, "LaDainian Tomlinson doesn't need his mom to tell him which products have protein and which products don't…He's learned that for himself, and we've learned our consumers want to do that for themselves as well." Now that men are capable of making their own soup, masculinity crisis: solved. Campbell's Soup Sacks NFL Mothers [WSJ] Earlier: Guyland Author: Working Women Leave "A Lot Of Men Confused" About Their Place In Life


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