Campaign Wants You to Take a Summer Detox From Facebook

Are you one of those people who constantly threatens to quit Facebook every time you get sucked into some shitty argument about Sarah Palin on someone's page? This summer may be your time to actually quit the social media site—at least for a little while.

A new campaign called "99 Days of Freedom" is seeking to get people to do just that. The people behind the effort want you try taking three months off from Facebook. Delete it from your phone. Zap it from your laptop. Get rid of it and don't use it all for three months. Via ABC News:


The initiative comes as a response to Facebook's "mood experiment" on 700,000 users, said Merijn Straathof, the art director at Just, the Netherlands-based creative agency behind the "99 Days of Freedom" idea.

"Facebook is an incredible platform, we're all fiercely loyal users and we believe that there's a lot to love about the service," he said. "But we we also feel that there are obvious emotional benefits to moderation."

"Our prediction is that the experiment will yield a lot of positive personal experiences and, 99 days from now, we'll know whether that theory has legs," he added.

If the average user spends 17 minutes per day on Facebook and completes the challenge, they will have an extra "28 hours of freedom" to pursue other activities, Straathof said.

After years of threats, could swearing off Facebook finally catch on? Is this something you want to try? We've already heard some pretty good reasons for ditching Facebook once and for all. Maybe trying it for three months is a good way to start breaking up with Facebook. I have a good time interacting with the people I'm friends with on Facebook, but I might give it a try. After all, it's only for three months. Who wants to join me?


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