Campaign 2008: "While You Were Overdosing On Mulled Wine" Edition

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So we're moving into the homestretch before the homestretch before the homestretch here, which is to say the Iowa caucus, and as most election year Christmases are, this one can be summarized thusly:

Moe's dad: Before Giuliani, you couldn't WALK around New York without getting CARJACKED!!!!
Moe: Aaaaaaagh, fuck you.


Anyway, so dinner party conversation was pretty much the only thing that transpired on the campaign front over Christmas, so I thought I'd share with you a summary of mine. Everyone loves Obama, even my friend whose husband works at the National Review, but everyone is scared for Obama because only old people ever show up to the Iowa caucus and exit pollsters are apparently scared to talk to old people.

So Hillary is going to win, and everyone is scared of that happening. For all Hillary's talk of her "experience" she wasn't even talking to Bill when he bombed Afghanistan and the Sudan and all of us first heard the name "Osama Bin Laden"— remember why? — and according to my aunt who works on the Hill, freshmen Dems in Congress are scared shitless about losing their seats in 2010 if she gets elected a la the 1994 Republican Revolution.

Then she informed me that the troop surge has actually been something of a success, which is why the Democrats have stopped talking about the war. (My aunt is a Democrat.) Then she said we should believe every word of Charlie Wilson's War "and more."

I shared with the family the most salient pitch yet I've heard for Barack Obama, from a friend who works on his campaign in Philadelphia:

"I just don't think it would be such a bad thing to have someone with experience teaching constitutional law in the White House." Certainly not! Then everyone said John McCain would probably get the GOP nomination and agreed that that would not be such a bad thing either.



@braak: I second that emotion.