Today's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show featured an interview with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills villain Camille Grammer, during which she claimed that she never wanted to do the show, but was pushed into it by soon-to-be ex-husband Kelsey.


Here's most of the first segment of Grammer's interview with DeGeneres (which took place on exercise equipment, curiously). Highlights include Grammer's assertion that she never wanted to do the show in the first place but was influenced into participating by Kelsey, a denial that the show portrays her accurately, a confirmation that she and archenemy (on the show, at least) Kyle Richards are actually friends in "real life," and her story about finding out from "a mutual friend" that Kelsey wanted a divorce.

After the break, DeGeneres asked Grammer if she speaks to Kelsey anymore. "Everything I find out is through the press with him," she replied. Ouch.

Afterward, DeGeneres asked Grammer to confirm or deny reports that she won't return to RHOBH for a second season. Naturally, she's still undecided—but also noted that she has only two weeks to make her mind up.



[The Ellen DeGeneres Show]

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I've never watched the show, and I don't dispute that Camille is a wackadoo, BUT Kelsey doesn't come across as a prince, by a long shot.

Number one, you don't have an affair, get someone pregnant, and become engaged to them while you're still married.

Number two, he married Camille, so no matter how crazy she is, he surely brought some crazy to the table as well.

Number three, I don't think this is the first time he's cast off a SO like yesterday's stale sandwich. I seem to remember him dumping his then-wife or girlfriend (can't remember which) for Camille.

Sooo ... she's taking most of the heat, but he's not the blameless angel, is all I'm saying.