After her first deposition in February, Camille Cosby is facing another, and she doesn’t want to discuss her sex life with her husband Bill Cosby. Unfortunately for her, the topic will probably be relevant to the lawsuit in question, and a lawyer representing the seven women who’ve filed a defamation suit against Cosby has asked that the judge make her get personal.

The second deposition is set for April 18. Mrs. Cosby’s lawyers have requested that the appointment be cancelled due to the “litany of improper and offensive questions” posed by Joseph Cammarata, lawyer for the seven women, during the first meeting, according to Page Six. The topics ranged from Mrs. Cosby’s “own sexual relations, her own political commentary and the death of the Cosbys’ son in 1997, among others.”


On his part, Cammarata has asked the judge to appoint a magistrate to oversee the next deposition and make sure Cosby’s team, which includes the actor’s criminal attorney Monique Pressley, doesn’t encourage Camille not to answer fair questions.

Cammarata says Cosby refused to answer dozens of questions based on an overly broad interpretation of the marital disqualification rule, attorney-client privilege and a “non-existent” privilege of privacy.


Elsewhere, Cosby’s attorneys are still requesting that the defamation case be stayed while the actor battles a criminal case involving the alleged sexual assault of Andrea Constand in 2004 in Pennsylvania. He has pled not guilty.

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