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Camille Cosby Basically Refused to Answer Any Questions at Her Deposition

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The transcript of Camille Cosby’s deposition in February and April was released on Friday. Never has the phrase “no opinion” rang with such meaning.


It was reported that Camille Cosby had tried to avoid her second round of questioning due to the “litany of improper and offensive questions” posed by attorney Joseph Cammarata, who is representing 7 of Bill Cosby’s accusers in one of many lawsuits against him. She was unsuccessful and faced off with Cammarata again, leaning heavily on marital privilege. ABC News reported on the questions Camille Cosby faced and her consistent response:

Camille Cosby was subjected to intense questioning by the women’s lawyer, who repeatedly pressed her to say whether she believes her husband “acted with a lack of integrity” during their 52-year marriage. The lawyer also asked if her husband used his position and power “to manipulate young women.”

Camille Cosby didn’t answer those questions and many others after her lawyer cited marital privilege, the legal protection given to communications between spouses. She repeatedly said she had “no opinion” when pressed on whether she viewed her husband’s behavior as dishonest and a violation of their marriage vows.


Hey, yeah, she just never thought about it. It seems like throughout the proceedings, Camille stuck with her lie:

Camille Cosby’s lawyer, Monique Pressley, repeatedly cited that privilege and advised her not to answer many questions asked by the women’s lawyer, Joseph Cammarata. The exchanges between Cammarata and Cosby became testy at times, and she admonished him: “Don’t lecture me. Just keep going with the questions.”

She said she had “no opinion” on whether her husband’s admission he obtained quaaludes to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex violated their marriage vows.

Pressley objected to a question from Cammarata that asked Camille Cosby if Bill had ever given her drugs prior to sex, and she was instructed not to answer. Harder to deal with questions that aren’t philosophical in nature.

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She’s a piece of shit. The woman stood by while her husband ruined the lives of an endless stream of his victims. Special place in hell for her.