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Cameron Diaz Is H'Wood's Highest Paid Actress? Really? • Ashanti's Label Pulls Bizarre Video

Illustration for article titled Cameron Diaz Is HWoods Highest Paid Actress? Really? • Ashantis Label Pulls Bizarre Video

Forbes releases a list of "The World's Most Powerful Actresses," uh did you know Cameron Diaz is "the highest-paid Hollywood actress"? • You know that "new shower curtain smell"? Turns out is might be toxic.• Remember when you were pissed that American Airlines was charging $15 per checked bag? Turns out United is doing it too. • Good news Washington D.C. dwellers! The city will establish shared bike programs this summer similar to Paris' pay-as-you-use bike program. • Want to land a "coveted Facebook shot" with Karl Lagerfeld? Wear t-shirts with his face on them! Hm, I wonder if this would work for my fave Vogue "staffer" ALT. • Despite the media's claims that women "opt-out" of careers when they have children, more women with children are working than ever before. • Protesters force Ashanti's label to pull that weird video they were using to promote her album. • A suit was filed in CA alleging that Whole Foods mislabeled their cosmetic products. • Obama launches a website to "fight the smears" that he is a Muslim and/or unpatriotic (because truly unpatriotic people so often run for President in a major party!). • A study reveals that pot potency has nearly doubled since 1983!


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After yesterday's Ashanti/marketing post I had to write Universal. I'm glad that pulled the plug on that crap.