Cameron "Crater Face" Diaz Feels Our Pimple Pain

  • Something Cameron Diaz and that goiter on our forehead parading as a pimple have known forever: Women are more likely than men to suffer from adult acne. [Science Daily]
  • A woman whose canoe capsized survived 19 hours at sea, clinging to her bag in the choppy water, until rescuers spotted her off the coast of Maui. Badass. [LA Times]
  • More confusing cancer studies! Apparently sun exposure may decrease the risk of advanced breast cancer by half. [Science Daily]
  • A couple's broken engagement is taking them to court as they fight over custody of the ring. The Emily Post Institute chimes in that a woman must always return the ring unless it's an heirloom in her family. We disagree. If he cheats or he calls off the wedding, the ring is yours to sell on eBay! [Reuters]
  • Australian Olympic-medal winner Nova Peris is producing the first "mainstream, all-indigenous" swimsuit calendar featuring Aboriginal women. Progress, perhaps, but do representations of diverse beauty so often have to feature women in skimpy bikinis? [Sydney Morning Herald]

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