Cambodian Women Banned From Marrying Poor, Elderly Foreigners

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Well, that's one way to cut down on child brides.

In an apparent attempt to crack down on the problem of mail-order faux-marriages, human trafficking, and the country's general unsavory rep as a child-bride hub, the Cambodian government has now made it illegal to marry a foreign man over 50 or who earns under $30,960 a year. Apparently their 2008 ban on all foreign marriages didn't really pan out; given the obvious loopholes this seems unlikely to stamp the practices out, either. But while younger and more affluent men can still shop the web for "Cambodian brides" , this will at least impose a few restrictions. If you happen to fall in love with someone over 50 or of more modest income, well, presumably they can't control marriages that take place outside the country.

Want A Cambodian Wife? Tough Luck If You're Over 50 [Newser]

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I read the title as "Canadian Women Banned From Marrying Poor, Elderly Foreigners" I was thinking: Huh, I didn't know this was an issue. Good Lord, apparently I cannot read.

On topic, it is unfortunate for the Cambodian gov't since the issue stems (partly) from poverty. It is a very tough to prevent mail order brides and human trafficking when the contributor to these activities is so difficult to concur.