There are lots of weird moments in Page Six's long profile of Nick Gruber, the 22-year-old former soldier/gay porn star/cocaine addict — and, the only biographical detail that anyone, to the extent that they care about Nick Gruber, seems to care about — former boyfriend of Calvin Klein. Gruber says that Klein was a jealous and controlling lover. He bought Gruber an ostentatious, $250,000 Bentley sports car for his 21st birthday, then repeatedly criticized Gruber for wanting such a tacky car, then took it back when they broke up. And when Klein suspected his much-younger lover of cheating, allegedly this happened:

"[Calvin] picked me up in his car, drove me down to the Holiday Inn in Chelsea, and we went downstairs in the basement of the hotel," he says, furrowing his brow.

According to Gruber, another man was waiting there with a lie detector. He said he was an ex-detective, and presented a business card bearing the name "Dr. Love." Gruber, indignant that Klein was accusing him of cheating, says he agreed to be hooked up to the machine and interrogated for about two hours.

"He made me take a lie-detector test," Gruber says in disbelief. "I passed it. And then, you know, things were much better. But I mean, what kind of partner would make you take a lie detector test? I was like, 'Did you ever cheat on me, Calvin?' I never cheated on him."


However, things weren't all bad!

"I made Calvin go to McDonald's and have a Big Mac, and he asked if they had it medium rare," he says with a laugh.

"He took a bite, and he was like, 'Ugh, what's this?' I'll never forget that story: medium rare for a Big Mac at McDonald's," Gruber adds, shaking his head.


Luckily, Gruber is in a much healthier relationship now with 48-year-old John Luciano, the grand-nephew of Lucky Luciano:

"There's a lot of drama in his life. I mean, he is a cross between Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo," says Luciano, breaking into a laugh. "America has waited for this moment." [...]

"The most intimidating thing is having sex with your boyfriend and pulling down his pants and his ex-boyfriend's name is staring you right in the face."


[Page Six]


Lady Gaga tossed an Emporio Armani shoe into the audience at a concert in 2010 and now it's being auctioned. The shoe, which is for the right foot, is expected to sell for between $5,193 and $6,491. [WWD]


Kate Upton is on the January cover of British Vogue. [Vogue UK]


Here's what it's like to actually wear those hand-pants from Yoko Ono's Opening Ceremony collection in real life:

These pants are great pants. Not because they are well-made, though they are, but because they are pants that force an engagement with the world. By sewing a hand to rub up against my penis every time I take a step, Ms. Ono also asks others to rub against me and me to rub against them. Not, of course, in a Squid and the Whale way but more in a cross cultural dialogue kinda way.



Jerry Hall and her daughter Georgia May Jagger shot a Sunglass Hut ad together. "Mom's such a good model I always get nervous about shooting with her," says Jagger. "Oh, she's already so good," says Hall. "The best modeling advice I've given her is to be on time and be nice to everyone." [WWD]

  • François-Henri Pinault, the head of the luxury conglomerate PPR, says that the appointment of Alexander Wang to the creative directorship of Balenciaga does not represent a departure for the brand:
  • "The brand has been built over the last 15 years with Nicolas. We don't intend to change. It's not a rupture. We plan to continue to build on what has been built by Nicolas. We needed someone who was capable of coping with that. So that is what is at stake."

  • [WWD]
  • Donald Trump is happy Anna Wintour's name is reportedly under consideration for a diplomatic posting, potentially as ambassador to the U.K. or France. "She is a winner & really smart!" says the Donald. [@realDonaldTrump]
  • A fire at a garment factory in China has killed 14 workers. The fire was allegedly started by a former employee who had been owed $500 in unpaid wages by the factory's owner. [WWD]
  • The very pregnant Gisele Bündchen is reportedly approaching her due date. This news is brought to you by a reporter who can count to nine. [CSNNE]
  • Tommy Ton says that he sometimes feels that others use the label "blogger" with the intent to demean his work:
  • "You can sense it when you're going to the shows. You feel like they belittle you in a way. Not intentionally, but you can feel like they're thinking, "Oh, you've cheated the system. I don't feel like you earned your spot here sitting in the show." Maybe that's just me being a bit more insecure. And if I still feel that way in my position I can only imagine what a new blogger feels like coming into this."

  • [TheTalks]
  • Tory Burch alleges that Chris Burch has been withholding documents from the court in the course of the former couple's lawsuit and counter-suit over the similarities between the Tory Burch brand and Chris Burch's latest retail venture, C. Wonder. [WWD]
  • Rihanna's reality T.V. program Styled to Rock debuted in the U.K., where it earned poor ratings, but the second season has been picked up by the U.S. network Style. [Telegraph]
  • H&M is launching a program that will allow consumers to recycle old and worn-out clothes at H&M stores. The chain will offer discounts and vouchers in exchange for bags of donated clothing as an incentive. The company has tested the program in Switzerland and intends to use the old clothes for fibers to make new textiles. [WWD]
  • In other news of environmental sustainability in fashion, Mango has joined Zara in pledging to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in its supply chain. In a recent report based on independent testing, Greenpeace identified a number of dangerous chemicals in finished clothing from a variety of retailers, including Levi's and Victoria's Secret, neither of which have announced any efforts to remedy the situation. Mango has set 2020 as the goal date for zero use of hazardous chemicals. [Mango]
  • Mercedes-Benz hired Karlie Kloss and Ryan McGinley for its latest ads. [Another Magazine]
  • The individual behind the @ChoupetteLagerfeld parody Twitter account is...a social-media director. Ashley Tschudin works for the Daily. [Fashionista]
  • Profits at Mulberry have fallen year-on-year by 35% during the last two quarters, to $11.6 million. [WWD]
  • Topshop founder Philip Green has sold a 25% stake in the company to Leonard Green & Partners, the private-equity fund that also is heavily invested in J. Crew. The deal values Topshop and Topman at $3.22 billion. [WWD]
  • During the first three quarters of this year, Prada's profits rose year-on-year by 50%, to $523 million. [WWD]