Calm Down, Angry Men, It'll All Be Okay, Says Comedian Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard (Broad City, Conan, The Office) made a charming little video rant taking on one of the internet's sweatiest armpits: the bitter, woman-hating, misplaced rage factory known as the "Manosphere." Gethard manages to address those baby toads with a lot more patience and compassion than I could manage (perhaps because he's not the target demographic for their online harassment campaigns and IRL creepfests).

"One day you'll be, like, 37 and you'll have a mortgage," he says, "and you'll be totally okay with that. You'll be completely fine." And if you don't quit this shit, he adds, "It should be legally bound you never find love."

Huzzah to this new trend of dudes calling out other dudes for misogyny. Keep doing that, bros. Keep talking to them. Because FUCK knows, I don't want to talk to them anymore.


(Via New York Observer.)

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I feel like more men calling them out might be the only hope. For some of these guys, there is literally nothing a woman can say that they will listen to or take seriously. Many are likely beyond help, but I think that how he is specifically targeting younger guys - telling them MRAs are insanely wrong about this whole thing, do not follow in their internet footsteps - seems like a semi-hopeful idea.

ETA: Aaaannd the first troll response on here underscored the fact that many are beyond help. Nice.