Callista Gingrich Says She's Giving Up Her Opinion for Lent

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It's Lent, a time when Catholics like to remind us all how virtuous they are for resisting the urge to indulge in whatever pleasure they've chosen to temporarily give up. So what are Newt and Callista forgoing this year? Here's what they told NBC:

"I am going to give up desserts ... all desserts," Gingrich said.
"I am giving up my opinion," Gingrich's wife, Callista, said jokingly.
The couple, which loves McDonald's, said they definitely are not giving that up.

Ha! Good one, Callista… By the way, Newt I can see, but I totally did not figure Callista for a McDonald's hound.


For Lent, Newt to give up dessert, Callista her 'opinion', but not McDonald's [NBC]

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