Calling Britney 'Crazy': A Way To Keep Our Jobs? Or Lose Them? So Confused

  • Apparently posting up photos of Britney Spears and labeling her "crazy" is illegal. Does this mean we're part of some sort of underground economy? [E!]
  • In today's installment of what happens when we read too quickly, we thought this said, "Robot explores giant crayon." [BBC]
  • Bush's budget director Rob Portman, the only member of the administration who could actually define the word "budget," resigned for "personal reasons." [CNN]
  • Imagine a future without consensual sex...[Daily Mail]
  • Per the Vatican, thou shalt not cut off another driver, flick him off, and scream, "I hope you die, motherfucker!" [CNN]
  • The Rubik's cube gets a "facelift." [ABC News]
  • Fire in South Carolina the deadliest for firefighters since September 11. [Guardian]
  • 6 U.S. casualties identified. [DoD]

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The Default Attorney

Re: the crayon exploring robot


Not that much of a stretch. One night in college I spent a good couple of hours once with the Crayola 64 pack when I was high.

Burnt Sienna man. Burnt Sienna. It'll blow your mind. They should totally sic a robot on that fucker.