Call Girl Breaks Down "The Girlfriend Experience"

If you've ever surfed around on Craigslist erotic services (you know, just for fun), you've probably seen a bunch of different code names for things and a lot of acronyms, one of the most common being GFE, or "girlfriend experience." It's when a dude pays a hooker to assume the role of a "normal" woman having vanilla sex, so he can pretend there's a level of intimacy that isn't typically found in hooker/john interactions. OK, that was a pretty good explanation right? I thought so. Belle, from Secret Diary of a Call Girl tried to explain the same thing on last night's episode, but I think I just did a way better job. Perhaps I should walk around through life, breaking the fourth wall and spewing monologues every five minutes. Wait, but then I'd be boring. Like. This. Show. (I still really like the way Billie Piper talks though.)

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@WMK08: Or, you know, are desperately poor and feel they have no alternative.