California Teachers Now Openly Sexing Drunk Kids on The Beach

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Goodbye field trips, last bastion of anything good about school: No parent will ever allow one of their kids to leave school with a teacher (which is fine, they sex there too) after two teachers have been arrested for having sex with students while on some kind of booze-filled spring-break style recapturing of their youth.


Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Ghirelli, 30, were arrested yesterday on suspicion of having sex with minors and also purchasing them the alcohol that may have made the minors more likely to have sex with them. Both teachers taught at South Hills High in Orange County, California where another instructor was arrested just last week for having sex with a minor while at school.

NBC Los Angeles reports that only one of the teachers, Lippert, went on the first overnight trip to the beach. She brought several young men with her and had sex with one. Once deemed a success, she brought Ghirelli on the second trip, where each teacher had sex with more students. The trips were not sponsored by the high school.


Both women were released after questioning and are now on paid administrative leave.

Image via Orange County Sheriff's Department

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I think the one on the right is finally feeling shame and disgust for her actions. All joking aside, I taught high school for two years and I CANNOT fathom how anyone can look at these CHILDREN and leave all sense at the door. I don't care how adult they may look, they are kids and these women are monsters.