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Get this: a new California bill would actually allow more health professionals to perform first trimester abortions. Currently, only the state's doctors are allowed to terminate pregnancies, but if this bill becomes law, specially trained nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and certified nurse midwives could perform vacuum aspiration abortions as well.


California's Planned Parenthood chapter is backing the bill because there simply aren't enough doctors to keep up with the need for abortions, especially in rural areas of the large state. Since aspiration abortions are the safest and most common abortion procedure, it makes sense that nurses and assistants should be able to handle the responsibility.

Abortion opponents are obviously displeased with the bill, to put it mildly, which the California Right to Life Committee's Camille Gilio did not. "It is demeaning of respect to women as well as to the medical profession," she said. It would definitely be more respectful to forbid women from making their own choices!


Gilio's committee also opposed a bill that would allow nurses to give out birth control (we assume she considers that "disrespectful" as well), but despite the group's protests, both bills passed their initial committee hearings in the State Assembly on Tuesday. Three cheers for California!

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