The relative peace and quiet of Kensington, California (where prowler calls usually turn out to be errant raccoons, according to ABC) was broken when 22-year-old Brian Hubbard broke into a home and crawled into bed with an 11-year-old on Monday morning.

Although it's not clear how Hubbard broke into the home (according to reports, residents leave windows open all the time) (WHAT???), he was discovered after he crawled into bed with the 11-year-old who woke up and immediately called for her mother. By the time her mother got there, Hubbard had fled the area.


Police arrested Hubbard approximately three hours later when another call came in. Hubbard was about half a mile away and knocking on doors in the middle of the night. Some reports suggest that he was also peering into windows, although, again, it's not clear whether he was planning to break in or just looking for design inspirations, which is why one resident was reluctant to call the police when she had seen Hubbard behaving strangely the day before.

"Oh my god, I should have called the cops on this man," witness Natalia Riccardi said.

"I mean, I didn't want to call the police because he didn't do anything," she said. "He was just making weird noises."

Hubbard has been arrested and charged with burglary and committing lewd acts with a child. Police say there's no connection between Hubbard and his victims and that he had apparently chosen the house at random.

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